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May. 15th, 2020 11:46 am
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How's my driving? Am I creature-crazy enough? Got some questions or concerns, or perhaps plot ideas to share? Bring 'em here!

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Player: Zumi
Contact: [plurk.com profile] zumidotexe; ZumiDotEXE#6535 on Discord
Age: 32
Current Characters: Scrooge McDuck


Character: Chris Kratt
Age: His age is vague, but it's somewhere in early 20's
Canon: Wild Kratts
Canon Point: After the end of Season 3

Background: Character wiki
Episode List (for summary of events, as there's not much on his wiki page)


Abilities: The incredible, awe-inspiring ORDINARY HUMAN power, with super organizational skills, and the ability to run, sweat, and convert oxygen into carbon monoxide.

...Okay so that's the sarcastic answer, but yes Chris is just a human. He is athletic, flexible and an excellent climber, with a strong sense of balance and solid upper arm strength.

His real abilities come with the creature power suit, which lets him take on a plethora of animalistic forms. The abilities here vary from animal to animal, but always require the given creature's DNA (usually through touch, though it doesn't necessarily have to be alive; fur and teeth have been a source of transformation before) and the associated programmed creature power disc. The transformations last until the suit is deactivated or runs out of power, but a deactivation can be forced by hitting the pawprint-shaped button that features on the general chest region of every form.

Alignment: Aiada. Above everything else, Chris is all about appreciating life and its variety, and of sharing that love with others. This can carry to the point of obsession, and his creature habits heh can run away with him, but above all else he admires and appreciates all living things.

Other: The exact power supply for the CPS is unknown. The wiki guesses at it having a nuclear core but this has never been directly stated in the show. As the other tech in the Tortuga runs on solar energy and the suits have been seen in charging stations, this is what I'm going with for the game.


Remember that we ask for samples that show 1) core character portrayal and 2) some use of emotions, such as environmental effect. You can also use the same sample source for both, just make sure to directly link or quote the emotion portion. We highly encourage using the Test Drive, and you can use prompts from the Test Drives, Intro Logs, and the Task board if you need them. Refer to the main application page for links and more suggestions.

General Sample: Written or link to sample for general character portrayal

Emotion Sample: Written or link to sample for use and effects of emotions. If part of a thread, please DIRECTLY LINK to the specific tag.

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Player Info:
Name: Zumi
Timezone: Eastern US
Contact: [plurk.com profile] zumidotexe

Character Info:
Name: Chris Kratt
Age: Vague, but I put him around 25
AU/PG/CANON/OC: Wild Kratts with [community profile] themainframe CRAU

Key Points:

  • Tendered a love of animals of all kinds from a young age, which eventually became a lifelong passion and career and led him and his brother (equally into animals) to meeting the other members of what would eventually become the Tortuga crew, a group dedicated to the research and conservation of animals and nature (and so named because of their HQ, a large flying tortoise-shaped ship called, well, the Tortuga)

  • Became one of the owners of prototype tech called the creature power suits, developed by the Tortuga's engineer, which with data and animal DNA let him become the actual animal

  • The group started traveling around the world, and although there have been encounters with some anti-animal encounters where creatures or the environment needed saving, for the most part the Tortuga's been able to concentrate on their conservation mission

  • Then Chris and brother Martin found themselves in another plane entirely, one called the Digital World, and given Digimon partners, along with many other off-worlders. Chris bonded with his Lopmon (which he named Sylvia) as well as several other Chosen and their Digimon, including a young winged woman by the name of Fluttershy; their mutual love for animals and nature led to them becoming fast friends

  • Chris arrived in the middle of a mental-warping virus that had affected many Chosen, turning one in particular (a ninja turtle-turned human, Donatello) into a dangerous force that came hunting for Fluttershy and friends for prior events

  • This was taken care of and the Kratts together helped them with the healing process, only to have a God-like Digimon come and present Chosen with their real partners, claiming the others were imperfect clones

  • A battle had resulted from this whole mixup of partners and Chosen, which Chris concentrated on getting people to safety more than fighting

  • He continued spending time with the others and learning about the world, particularly Fluttershy, and during one Christmas event a confrontation with the girl, who had started avoiding him for reasons unclear to him, wound up in her confessing feelings for him before running off

  • MUCH CONFUSION ON HIS PART, made even worse by another major battle by the turn of the year, resulting in many Chosen, uh, choosing to go to a sanctuary that'd been set up for them from an older city

  • He and Martin decided to take more a circuitous route though, wishing to get out there and explore the Digital World as they had their own, wanting to know more. Relations with Fluttershy had been repaired by this point and so she was invited along

  • The whole Digital World changed around this point though, spitting everyone back to their homes with no memory, until a later reunion where it was discovered that while before they were trapped, now they could go between the Digital World and their home freely

Chris has always been into animals and what makes them the way they are, a passion that followed him into adult life, led him into a career to match his equally animal-enthusiastic brother's, and got him a permanent gig as one of the researchers on the Tortuga crew. What better job than to spend every day adventuring with animals? Even getting to become them with the creature power suits. Through their work they learned about many sorts of creatures, from things as tiny as termites to animals as big as elephants. They climbed with spider monkeys and soared with harpy eagles, glided with draco lizards and swam with seahorses. There were a few malfunctions along the way, mostly because of the experimental nature of the suits; Chris becoming a were-Tasmanian devil is one example. But for the most part, everything was a day-to-day non-linear, episodic adventure, learning about all walks of life and protecting it as necessary. Any conservationist will see opposition and for them it came in the form of some recurring villains, each representing different dangers to the animal world (illegal poaching for food, fashion, or general mistreatment), but with the help of the suits and their advanced knowledge, the Tortuga crew could always send them packing.

Of course, all this changed when the digital nation attacked. It sucked him (and Martin) in, gave them Digimon partners, and told them to go save the multiverse. No small order, but it was one Chris was up to the task of, particularly with his brother by his side, as well as the friends he would go on to make. Among these was Fluttershy, a humanized pony he found an instant kinship with over their mutual love of the creature world. This isn't to say there weren't many others, like Kovu, Campbell, and Hiccup, and it was always their safety and wellbeing Chris thought of whenever major battles happened, which seem to have a frightening frequency. This would include small skirmishes as well as large battles, such as one enacted by the god-like Titamon. The arrival of a second partner knocked him for a loop for a bit, but soon Nes (the Dracomon) was welcomed into the fold just as warmly as anyone else.

In downtime he did what he does best, research animals and learn about the world, only now it was digital instead of his normal home. He also eventually had Very Conflicted feelings about Fluttershy, which came to a head over Christmas and put him in one heck of a mood for a while. This was mostly sorted out (in a positive direction) by the time the Chosen decided to move to a new location that'd been made for them, with Fluttershy being invited along on the brothers' travels. It was on these travels that he received his Crest of Knowledge, perfect fit for the eternally-curious Chris.

Not long after this did he find himself back home, with nothing but fading memories of his time in the Digital World. At least, until a reunion happened, the original city back to its state, and the Chosen told they could now go back and forth freely, something they couldn't before. Reunited with his partners (and the memories thereof), Chris continued being the creature crazy Kratt that he is. The only change was that digital adventures could be had just as readily as others.

Curiosity has always been what's driven Chris the most. The desire to know about how the falcon flies so fast, why worms come up in the rain, how kangaroos protect the rest of the mob. This is what has kept the fire of learning lit in him, and what makes him so eager to go out and do, and why he's so excited, even in his adulthood, to learn something new. There's ALWAYS something to be discovered out there, and Chris is going to hunt it down.

He's had his ups and downs of course. For one, Chris has one heck of a temper, a short fuse leading to him making rash decisions at times. This causes the sorts of problems you might expect, such as getting him into trouble he can't get out of, or ruining the occasional mission. He can have a snappy attitude, blunt at his best and outright combative at his worst. Without a cooler, lower attitude like his brother's to play off of he may dig a pretty deep hole for himself, but he's usually able to think of some way out of a problem.

While Chris can be snarky and sometimes sharp, at his heart he's a warm, loving guy. He's always ready to help anyone in need, even if they've done him wrong in the past, and he can be quick to forget and forgive (to a point). He wants to make friends, not just because he's a people person but to also spread the love of the natural world to. He loves encouraging children especially, because they are the next generation and it's their world to protect and nurture. His own enthusiasm is child-like and contagious, and he's one who's never forgotten what it's like to know wonder.

He does have quite the... confidence in himself, however. Chris knows what he's good at and loves to show off his varied skillset. He also likes to assume "Act first, explain later" when he's really excited about something, counting on his words to get him out of arguments with friends. This does not always work. The brothers are known for mischief and at least 60% of the time it's Chris's fault, particularly if some franken-tech is involved. He loves to tinker, his curiosity about the inner workings of things extending to machinery just as readily as it does to any animal, and predictably this has also gotten him into trouble.

Overall though he takes things in stride, easily laughing things off and going about his day. After all, why let something get you down for long when the next day could have the next big adventure? The next discovery, maybe a new species or unheard of behavior? Anything could be out there, and there's nothing that will keep him from figuring it out.

Gem Considerations:
Amazonite. Chris can have something of a narrow point of view when trying to solve a problem; he has a "can't see the forest for the trees" issue (counter to Martin's "can't see the trees for the forest" problem, but that's another story). This could help him see things from a different angle. Without his brother and lifelong companion by his side he will also need help combating a lonely feeling, something friends (even Fluttershy) would only partly mitigate; there's a reason they introduce themselves individually as "one half of the Kratt brothers" after all. Additionally, the luck support could also help him, as Chris tends to... well, attract the bad kind. These qualities, and others, could help him adapt to another entirely different world, one in which, unlike the last, he's on his own.

Power considerations:
  • Animal shapeshifting

  • Animal speech

  • Technomancy/technological manipulation

Being basically an ordinary human, Chris wouldn't be affected at all by the power cap. His creature power suit is also a non-issue, as it won't even be on him at the time (nor would he be able to activate some 90% of the creature powers he has here, even IF the suit were working). Gaining power would be a great excitement for him, particularly any that lets him substitute what the suit lets him do. He may go a little overboard, but that's just Chris being Chris. Enough time, and he'll find the proper balance.

You know, probably.

-Dear_player post
-The hardest thing; arguing a viewpoint with Trixie


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